quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010


No The Guardian, A. (Antonia) S. (Susan) Byatt escreve sobre a sua experiência de leitura de Alice no País das Maravilhas e outros protagonistas da literatura infantil:

“The Harvard academic Maria Tatar has observed wisely that children do not usually "identify" with fictional children – they stand a little apart inside the fictional world and intensely observe the people and the action. But Wonderland and the world through the Looking Glass were, I always knew, different from other imagined worlds. Nothing could be changed, although things in the story were always changing. There was, so to speak, nothing going on in the hinterland of the clearing with the Mad Hatter's tea party, or beyond the Red Queen's garden gate. Carroll moves his readers as he moves chess pieces and playing cards. This is not to say that the reader's experience of the world is not vivid, enthralling and ¬entirely memorable. It is just different.”

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