domingo, 27 de março de 2011


Question: Do you have any positive message, in your opinion?
Answer: Indeed I do think that I do.
Q: Such as what?
A: The crying, almost screaming, need of a great worldwide human effort to know ourselves and each other a great deal better, well enough to concede that no man has a monopoly on right or virtue any more than any man has a corner on duplicity and evil and so forth. If people, and races and nations, would start with that self-manifest truth, then I think that the world could sidestep the sort of corruption which I have involuntary chosen as the basic, allegorical theme of my play as whole.
Q: You sound as if you felt quite detached and superior to this process of corruption in society.
A: I have never written about any kind of vice which I can’t observe in myself.

(Tennessee Williams nasceu fez ontem cem anos. Nem a morte recente de Elisabeth Taylor, memorável na adaptação ao cinema de Gata em Telhado de Zinco Quente e Bruscamente no Verão Passado, tornaram este centenário visível, mas Helena Vasconcelos lembrou-o no Facebook. Tennessee Williams, um dos fantasmas mais obsessivos do Jardim Assombrado, entrevistou-se a si próprio e o resultado foi publicado no London Observer a 7 de Abril de 1957. Fica um excerto. A fotografia é de W. Eugene Smith.)

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